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How to Change the Voice of Alexa

Amazon has just announced a new way to change the voice of their popular virtual assistant, Alexa, by giving it a masculine voice. It’s true that the female voice of Alexa was the most popular one for years, but a new wake word called Ziggy has made the new device a much more masculine option. But what should you do to change the voice of Alexa? There are two main ways to change the voice of Alexa.

To change Alexa’s wake word, go to the Alexa app on your smartphone and choose the device. Make sure your device is registered, paired, and updated. Next, choose the Wake Word. You’ll hear the Ziggy voice, but you can still call Alexa and tell it to change it to your voice. Now, whenever you wake up, ask Alexa to change the wake word back to your preferred voice.

After you’ve set up your Amazon Echo, you’ll need to set a new wake word for Alexa. Until now, you could have used “Alexa,” “Amazon” or even “Computer.” Now, you can change the wake word to something more enticing. But the most popular wake word is still Alexa, so if you prefer a female voice, you can try using Ziggy instead.

The other option is to rename the device. The problem with renaming it is that it grants you access to settings that belong to other people. But that’s not a good option if you want your device to be more human. You’ll need to start a campaign to change the name. It will take some time, but it will be worth it in the long run. So, you should make your Amazon Echo work for you!

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