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My Favourite Fashion Designer Essay

What are the characteristics of my favorite fashion designer? Why did I choose him? The answer is surprisingly complex. tnmachiweb The world of fashion has risen to an unprecedented level, but it’s still rooted in a fundamental misunderstanding: the concept of style is all about 7hdstar trends, not the person wearing them. This is where my favourite fashion designer essay comes in. This essay is not meant to be a comprehensive guide to the designer’s work.

The essay will isaidubnews examine the social and political significance newtoxicwap of certain fashion designers, and will discuss the Hippie Movement and the emergence of Punk Rock. I will also discuss the impact of Givenchy’s ready-to-wear mix-and-match collection, which encouraged women to wear non-conventional clothing and showed that they could dress themselves. Until that time, housewives had to conform to the rules of mainstream society and wear todaypknews matching outfits. Givenchy’s mix-and-match collections gave them more freedom to experiment.

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