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Sewing a 1920s Flapper Dress

If you’re considering sewing your own 1920s flapper dress, you’ve come to the right place. These dresses can be made with a variety of materials, from cotton lawn to silk charmeuse. A PDF pattern includes sewing instructions and a history of the flapper dress, and you can even make one with inexpensive cotton. The best part about this style is that it’s completely customizable! And, you can choose the color and fabric to match any outfit!



Many flapper dresses are available online, and reproductions don’t have to be of the correct size. In fact, you can purchase plus-size flapper dresses from companies such as Unique Vintage. Flapper Boutique is another great resource for finding a 1920s flapper dress. Many companies offer plus-size flapper dresses, as well as custom sizes up to 48 inches. These dresses are not only beautiful, but they also provide the perfect amount of freedom of movement and luxury.



The sexy and extravagant flapper dress was first worn in social settings and was used to raise the profile of extravagant party fashion. A variety of different styles and fabrics were introduced, with a variety of accessories. Coco Chanel invented the flapper silhouette while on vacation in Deuville, France. When she wore her new gown, she slipped into her lover’s big sweater and tied it at the waist with a handkerchief. Soon after, she stepped out in public and people commented on her look. In fact, she sold 10 flapper dresses, and people responded to her outfit with enthusiasm quoteamaze

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