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The Different Branch of Fashion

The branches of fashion are different in terms of style, price, and production. High-fashion apparel is made by designers, while mid-priced clothing is usually made by manufacturers. Most manufacturers depend on separate manufacturing companies to produce new merchandise at predetermined intervals. Some “fast fashion” manufacturers produce new items even more frequently. During the design process, an entire team develops the designs, fabrics, and other materials used in clothing. Those involved in the design process are called “creatives.”

At Hinsdale Central, students can choose between a career in fashion design or merchandising. The classes are based on the fashion industry and provide valuable exposure. Olivia Plumpe, a junior at Hinsdale Central, describes her experience with the fashion classes. She describes how important it is to learn about the industry before pursuing a career in this industry. Her classes also include clothing construction and fashion merchandising. Students learn about marketing, advertising, sketching, and buying.

Haute couture refers to clothing that has been made with exquisite detail. Haute couture is a trademarked term. A true haute couture house must be recognized by the French government in order to earn that title. Haute couture covers many fields, including the production of custom clothing and accessories, marketing, retailing, and advertising. All aspects of the industry are interrelated. Nevertheless, each one aims to meet the demands of consumers and operate profitably.

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